Madame Endora- Draw 3 and read the story..

Fancy meeting up with Madame Endora? She is a no nonsense kind of lady. Today- I am revisitting the Madame Endora deck. Back to the old style no questions, let the deck speak her truth. I have pulled 3 cards, lets read the story. I still havent seen the cards I’ve drawn while I am typing this.

Hmm- I seem to have lost an entire post written. Well, here it is again- see the images of the Madame Endora deck here:

The cards I have drawn:

Serendipity‘Bright new prospects are on the Horizon’ – This is a difficult card, the analogy when one door closes, another opens comes to mind.

The Greenman‘The forces of nature favor you’ – Which ever difficulty or the perverbial door being shut, the natural flow of energy (Earth) will direct t another door which is going to be more rewarding than anticipated. Perhaps maybe better than what the first door was all about.

The Dagger‘Conflict and danger lie in wait’ – Irony of it all. So, the sudden burst of luck will not be without its drawbacks. For every action, there is an equal or opposite reaction- Newton’s first law.

 Sensible warning- you only stand to lose when you have gained something. I will have to be careful and be aware of my surroundings. Be on guard- the rule – speech is silver, silence is gold!! Now, who agrees with me the Madame kicks butt in her messages..




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