To all my Ladies and one Gentleman..

Here in lies a thank you letter to all of you who have provided what I can only describe as a virtual based monumental kinship – Spiritsong (Lisa), Sammie, Phoenix, Chanah, Madame SQ and our elusive mate Aristede.

Also, the numeruous acquantainces I have had the pleasure of intertacting with in the last 6 months here and also on Aeclectic Tarot. It has been a fantastic voyage of discovery and so much more ahead. I felt it within me at this point that this post is due partly due to some major upheavals and stresses and also the downheavals and chill time conferred through out.

The sharing of our mutual discoveries and stories evolving in our lives through the cards wouldn’t have come about if not for our communal sense of fascination for the cards. I do so wish, even if without the cards, our lives would have crossed paths in some other way and still be brought together.

It only goes to show, that even in the audacity of virtual coldness, warmth of written words can bring comfort to a shattered soul anywhere in the world. For this I thank you all and I hope we have many many years of cartomantic discoveries and discourses and sharing of war stories (hopefully there’ll be none). In an otherwise sleeping world, we are awake and spreading the love.

With Love,


ps: the cards are fun and the bloggers are the cherries on top- a toast with strawberry Champagne..:)



4 Responses to “To all my Ladies and one Gentleman..”

  1. My Dear Stormy,

    You are really a sweet, wonderful, special person! I’m so glad we are friends. 😀


  2. Hear hear!


  3. indianstorm Says:

    You are both most welcome you guys– bring in the hugs more!!!


  4. spiritsong Says:

    And {{{HUGS}}} from me too! thank you for such a wonderful flow of appreciation, I feel the same way too. What a treasure it is to know that there are others out there who have the same passion and enjoy sharing. What a great club! lol
    I have stuck with my Lenormand studies, but have a broad interest in lots of although I’m not posting in that way yet, I truly enjoy reading the rest of your entries. It’s really helped me narrow down my list of “must haves”!! lol

    Keep on posting Stormy 🙂 I hope we’re all around blogging together for a long time to come-
    and good luck with the exams!


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