Tarot D’ Eltynne- Tirage en Croix

It is quite late and I am relatively wide awake. I was looking around for some inspiration so I reached out for Medlindaf’s Tarot D’ Eltynne. I wanted to see if the cards would pick up on my subconscious mind. I haven’t posed any questions, I was hoping the higher self will draw out what is exactly bugging me.

The draw was 5 cards and I must have been thinking about the simple cross. So here it is..

………………… …………………..



If you have read the previous post on the Tirage en croix, the position meanings should be easy, then you can understand what this draw is speaking about. For those who haven’t- i’ll explain as I decipher the cards.

1. Position 1 (Left Arm)- You or the Querant

2. Position 2 ( Right Arm)- The world’s view of you ( opposing or supporting forces)

3. Position 3 (Top Arm)- The Council ie the Influences at play

4. Position 4 (Bottom Arm)- Destiny or outcome, can be either negative or positive

5. Position 5 (Should be centre of the Cross)- Synthesis

This spread is dynamic as you can see how the cards influence each other adjacent or opposite.

35 Enemy sitting in the querant position is quite telling. You are your own worst enemy. If it was in the opposite arm- I could postulate that there is a rival or someone else who aspires for the same thing as I do. Obviously in this case, it is me. Thanks Eltynne for pointing this out. Note that Enemy is adjacent to 40 Gift, 2 Man’s Star and 16 Home. Not good if me being my own worse enemy, if I am not watchful over my own actions, I stand to affect all 3 things.

40 Beauty sitting in the World’d view is a very positive card. the positives are feeling aesthetically beautiful and also childlike innocence. The converse is over importance on physicalities and immaturity. So the advice here learn to appreciate what is granted.

10 Gift sits at the top exerting its external influence. I have drawn this card. A gift has been given, or a favor is granted. I have wished for something in earnest and it is being granted, seize the opportunity. Beauty would recognise the gift and appreciate it like an innocent child. But the Enemy looks at the gift and doubts its value and a true enemy will sabotage.

16 Home sits at the bottom representing the destiny or the general direction of flow. It points to the castle where we seek refuge. Home is where I feel most secure and it is in my birth country. My castle. Which is where I will be heading towards at the end of the month.

2 The Man’s Star forms the synthesis which should sit at the centre. It draws all 4 cards to give an idea what the reading is influenced by. This is the first time I have drawn this card. According to the LWB- the Man’s Star is either the male demander or the male influence within the circle of the demander.

Now for the symbolisme breakdown. The gift sits above the man. The man sits on the castle.  What can you synthesise from that?  The serpents head faces away from the man, so he is protected from the bite. Beauty looks on to the Man’s star with longing and in earnest. Note he is there with his eyes shut and peaceful. He is not going anywhere, he is staying where he is. This is why the Eltynne is fabulous when you want to engage in a dynamic reading. The images are drawn with a view to aid card interaction. The reader is not just an observing bystander, you become an active participant.

I hope you have enjoyed this reading. Do chime in with any other insight, or if youhave picked up any symbolic imagery which adds more dimension to this reading- do not hesitate. Medlindaf will be popping in when he can, I am sure he will enjoy a healthy discourse and shed some light on the cards.



2 Responses to “Tarot D’ Eltynne- Tirage en Croix”

  1. I think I love this deck for much the same reason that you do. Forgive the pun, it’s unintentional, but notice how the Gift is a bit of a double-edged sword here (Enemy card).

    Your hand has been hurt, so to speak. Can you keep it open enough to accept the gift without letting it fall through your fingers?

    Just my take.

  2. indianstorm Says:

    hey Chanah..

    I did think about that.. its the same concept for every given gift it definitely comes with a price. Nothing is free in this world.. it is the perverbial dogma really.

    For some reason- looking at the draw, it has a specifc point of interest- the serpent curving around the blade unscathed. So it could point to the nature of the enemy- ie a particular skill to negotiate danger as you have your own weapon to instill which is poison. I see it as a plus that I perhaps do come with a bite 🙂

    The gift is both venom and beauty.. neat combo!!! an empowering outlook! but to be used wisely and judiciously. The man in the middle sits peacefully knowing both sides to the coin. lol!!! I guess he knows what he is letting himself in for… have to see the funny side of this too..

    But yep– could still be a bleeding open hand..

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