Think like an Egyptian..The Cartouche to the rescue..


So,, what kind  of question can one propose to the Cartouche? The answer here should be anything but actually in practice, the questions needs careful formulation. I caught up with my old friend who has been in hibernation for a bit. I pondered on a question that would generate a robust reply from Murry Hope’s designio perfecta, The Cartouche. Here it is.. What is the outlook for my life in general? Simple, straight up and a Cartouchian question. See the answer below-




On my table, this looks like a 5 pointed star. The card images are big enough to identify the Egyptian symbols. Instantly, notice a theme? The twin serpent of the Thoth, with Tarot D’ Eltynne Ennemis serpent and sword, and Madame Endora’s Dagger. Talk about continuation of build up!

Hop onto the interpretation express and lets decipher th egeneral course of my ship..:)

Murry Hope’s LWB has a spread for specific questions. The 5 pointed star is for specifics. By the way, the Cartouche employs reversals too.

1. The nature of the problem- transalates to what is up with my life?

10 Set- arghh.. this is the card of the Chaotic anti-Ray! and I am grateful it is upright. But still ,man!! Ok- upright it means delays, setbacks, worries based on everyday contingencies of life. Yep, the sister is right, things kind of being put on hold due to various commitments. All the fun stuff including taromantic indulgence, yoga, fancy stuff I love, is currently on the back burner.

2. Cause of the problem:

1 Osiris- represents wisdom, justice, resposibility and any dealings with elders or authority. How is this a problem for me? Well, I suppose the spanar in the works is essentially my commitment to completing what I’ve started as a career choice. It is a responsibility to see it through to fruition and this involves a lot dealings authorities along the way, and also partly fulfilling elders (parental) aspirations. Being free spirited- authority and responsibility is kind of a yawn.. but hey ho- I always finish what I start, well at least thats the goal!

3. Factors to be considered:

9 Anubis- One has to love the uber chic Hermanubis. This card suggests protection from harm, careful speech and the baility to steer a clear course through troubled waters. Basically, the diplomatic skills, navigation and humor embody the Jackal. I am learning to perfect this skills as they are handy in times of sticky situations where I do find myself in sometimes. So far, course of life looking good..:)

4. Advice or comment offered: Consider this to be what you can do to improve things

6 Hathor- think 6 L’Amour, Venus. Hathor represents a woman in her strongest aspect, she carries the strenth of a lion. Fortitude, feminity, organization, confidence also the fashion and beauty industry. I do have a soft spot for the makeup field since I used to free lance as a makeup artist doing photoshoots and catwalks. It was fun, I did enjoy it. Come to think of it, I would like to be in a position where the work that I do has components that empower women in general. Food for thought!

5.End Result or Outlook

5 Thoth- like the 5th position 5th card synchronicity. Lately, there has been a lot of synchronising factors occuring.  The Thothis the caduceus, keeper of knowmedge and Akashic records. Represents learning and knowledge of all levels. Whats interesting- the first draw I did, the Thoth was reversed, hence why I asked the cards, whats the general outlook and its comes up upright. Little knowledge can affect big changes. The Thoth’s changes involve fate/karma, Law, healing/ Health,Scholarhip and Education. I am already in the process of 2 things in the list, I will be after the Law next, wouldn’t mind a scholarship though, I wonder if the Karmic wheel will spin in my favor?

Here is the Cartouche for my viewing pleasure, and yours- may you run out- buy a deck and watch it change your life. Becareful with what you ask, it is a profound deck of 22 Egyptian relics which convey brainful of info. And, they seem to be pretty darn accurate..

Share your thought and experience of the deck..


2 Responses to “Think like an Egyptian..The Cartouche to the rescue..”

  1. Really interesting article.

  2. I enjoyed your article and insights on the Cartouche. I have been using them professionally for 19 years and my interpretations are very basic in comparison but nevertheless suprisingly accurate even after all this time. They are like a Best Friends on tap all the time. I will now pay more attention to your writings. I wish you well in all your endeavours on and above and below….Radha

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