Tarot- The days of the week ahead draw..16/6-22/6/2008

I have been spending some time with the decks lately. Since I do keep a tarot journal, I do go back to re read previous draws and reflect on the circumstantiality and the synchronicity of the draws.

As many of you who read the posts know- many bloggers have the good habit of reflecting on the card draws in order to gain valuable insight and thus also improving their relationship and intimacy with their decks. Time spent here is well worth its reward, you develop a trusting friendship with your deck. Thats kitsch!!

Here’s my days of the week ahead draw- Monday and Tuesday

2 of Swords for Monday- Intelectual debates with a no win situation- so, I’ll be expecting plenty of talks going round and round- but no conclusion- Stalemate. Lol!!! – I am going to need to draw in lateral thinking horns!

21 Universe- A major Arcana so early on in the week- All is right with the world again- as it should be. Maybe a little recognition for some hard word done perhaps?

Wednesday and Thursday-

Wednesday- Queen of Cups- hmm- I’ll read this as a lady- or a friend going to feature on wednesday

Thursday- The Star– yum–this is exciting- something to look forward to- a new lease of some kind- something dead rekindled – or an event or news will bring some optimism–

Friday and Saturday

Friday- Knight of Wands- another court card- a person- fire sign or fiery temperament- Male- so- we’ll see who this is as he seems to the forecast for Friday’s focus.

Saturday- 5 Hierophant- another Major Arcanum- On a saturday!! see– I read the hierophant as rituals, institutional routine. Also sometimes- hardcore revision 🙂 yep- thats a good projection of what I’ll be doing this coming Saturday


Sunday- the irony– Sunday will be judgement day as I’ll be reviewing the events of the week and comparing with the cards to see if they hit the mark or not!! I will be quite looking forward to doing the comparisons 🙂



3 Responses to “Tarot- The days of the week ahead draw..16/6-22/6/2008”

  1. That looks like a great reading, Stormy – and I can’t wait to get this deck! 🙂 That Knight of Wands could mean – adventure, excitement, and really wild things, too. Of course, if you put it together with Wednesday (night’s) Star – hmmm….I’m not sayin’ or you’ll call me a wicked mistress again 😀

    I am so grateful that you blog, and that we’re starting to have more of a community. There are so many decks out there now, and the information from bloggers is priceless. Each deck has its quirks, and it’s lovely to see them in play in real life. It’s such a great way to learn from each other and I wish more people would do it!

  2. indianstorm Says:

    Chanah sweets–

    say say say!!! say whatever you want – :)!!

    love stormy

  3. Hello Stormy,

    There are a lot of Major Arcana in these cards. It is interesting that you had the Queen of Cups in this reading and in the next reading, too!


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