Tarot daily- 5 card spread

Now- I have an old deck, with it a book which I have found to be most practical and most straight to the point in terms of understanding the Tarot nuances. Josephine Ellershaw’s Easy tarot handbook. I am not a book and deck kit person. But, this was gifted to me and by far the most cherished and used deck in my possession- The Gilded Tarot by Ciro Marchetti. I actually will make an attempt to procure a handmade copy in the near future as I Iooooove this deck. Prior to the Vanessa,, this was my prime personal read deck. In such, translates to the deck reading me very well. Spooky but true.

On to the draw- 5 Cards for the daily spread-each card drawn to its position typically cross fashion. I don’t bother much with that- unless I am noting dynamics in a specific question. This is a daily, with my Darling Vanessa tarot- Incidentally- 2 cards popped out 3 of Wands and II The Priestess-

1. Works:

Now- this coming up in the works department is perfect- the gamut of area she covers directly corresponds to my work- depth in study, research, explorer of the unknown, mix of science and esoteric, healer etc. But more importantly- If I took the 2 of Swords and II High Priestess- they tie in nicely. The correlate- If I wasnt forewarned with the 2 of Swords- today would have been a rather hanged man kind of day. But instead- The High Priestess was how I came across- the fountain of knowledge 🙂

2. Home


Ach!! Honestly, I would rather the Death or the Devil than this Minor card. Anyway- well- this is the pervading ambience of home matters. No- no separation or break up as there is nothing immediate to break up with 🙂 sigh of relief- but In practice, I have come to take this as isolated loneliness- despair- but check the card out-there is light shining through- 🙂 so- it is only a pervasive energy which it to shall pass-

3. The Unexpected

Maybe- maybe not- this is so much better than the Lovers- there is a relationship coming to the fore- we’ll see about that .

4. My role:

Ha! So now I see– play it cool, be a little aloof but not distant and cold. The Queen of Cups all about being emotionally mature and not giving the game away. Listen first, speak later type- ok..we’ll see

5. The Outcome

 So- I am no close to completing anything today as I have not planned anything as such. But, the 9 Of Wands to me- ‘you are so close to getting your goal- persevere a bit- don’t drop it now’. I am wondering what this is–

We’ll wait and see—




2 Responses to “Tarot daily- 5 card spread”

  1. What a great reading, Stormy! I really like the Gilded Tarot, too.


  2. indianstorm Says:

    Hey Sammie– the Gilded- I found it readable pretty much instateneously. The images worked for me- and Josephine’s book I love.

    I noticed the Queen of Cups coming up twice too- I need to see how this relates. Always have a little trouble with the courts–


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