Lenormand draws: ID this person and time his arrival

For all you Lenormand enthusiasts who have been reading the blogs, here is an interesting and curious draw of cards done to identify the physical attributes and characteristics of as yet an unknown person, or at least thats what the question states. As you all know- I am an avid Lenormand card reader and have enjoyed the pleasure of being a student of Sylvie Steinbach technique of the no layout. She defines well in her book how to ID a person of as yet unknown when you approach the question with a blank canvas. She also recommends double checking in the same verin of the line of questioning.

So here’s the question: How do I ID the man who I will settle down with? (basically this question asks for physical description, characteristics and useful info for you to spot him when he enters your life). Here is answer number 1: the 28 man charged for ID purpose and therefore a blank canvas- now we fill in the colours of his personality and draw him out.

’12 Birds + 10 Scythe + 19 Tower+ 28 Man + 8 Coffin + 18 Dog + 32 Moon’

This second draw- is to double check the first draw because I had my concerns naturally with the nature of the cards. So I reasked the cards with the same blank canvas, and the spread below is the second answer.

’14 Fox + 16 Stars + 4 House + 28 Man + 1 Rider + 9 Bouquet + 25 Ring’

What I would like for when you answer, in the above 2 drawsof which you are going to create the description of this man, tell me what makes this to draw related? or if you think the two draws are not related, tell me why also. Basically- are they decsriptions for the same person or are they talking about 2 different people?  I will post my interpretations of this draw after a few interpretations have been thrown in the mix as I do not wish to cloud your judgement. I have specific reasons why I felt the need to double check the draw.

Now, with regards of timing- I asked the Lenormand, when can I anticipate the arrival of the gentleman we have ID’ed as above. Note, here, a random 5 card draw is done with no key cards charged. Obviously there are clues in the draw to make it relevant to the reading for the purpose of timing. Here is her answer:

’23 Mouse + 20 Garden + 16 Stars + 24 Heart + 13 Child’

Within this draw, there is a proposed timing, I would like it if you could gestimate from the cards what is the most likely time frame within which the person you ID’ed will show up. In my mind, when th ecards were drawn, the time frame is within 1 year and no more. But this maybe more than an overshot as the draw suggests differently.

Happy posting of your analysis chaps, I look forward to all of your insights and intuition as it will be an interesting process to which your inner intution will lead you to the most logical answer.And I am hoping to learn more with this draw too.



2 Responses to “Lenormand draws: ID this person and time his arrival”

  1. Okay, not sure I can play it your way, but here’s what I see. Tall (Tower), Scotsman (Scythe + Tower is Scotland amongst other things), and getting to the other things, he may have been in New York when the Twin Towers fell – or witnessed something similar – yet another meaning of Scythe + Tower can be the Scythe destroying the Tower. Terrorist acts, in other words. It could be something closer to home (Birds + Scythe), but it was some kind of nasty shock. Also indicates a whirlwind romance.

    Scythe – Tower – Coffin, a scar from a fairly serious surgery or accident, and at some point – he fought the law and the law won – but it’s not a major black mark – wouldn’t stop him from getting a passport.

    I’m really NOT liking Tower-Coffin-Dog-Moon skip Mice-Garden. Mice + Garden alone could just be somewhere people lose money for fun, like a casino, but with the first set, it could – not necessarily is, but could – mean you will meet him at someplace like a hospital, because a mutual friend is ill, maybe with depression. Your guy will be quite tolerant of your esoteric pursuits, on the good side.

    The second line indicates he’s fairly well established, he comes to you, and it’s a whirlwind courtship. which echoes part of the Birds + Scythe meaning. Rider + Bouquet + Ring – we probably agree on that.

    I don’t read time at all the way Sylvie does, so I can’t interpret it from your draw, but Fox + Stars gives bad timing or wrong timing. It does look like it will come as a total surprise, though.

    So look for the tall Scottish guy, maybe has a visible scar, average build and maybe a bit older (House), in good shape, quick mind (Rider), used to like to travel, but not so much now. And he is kind, and will be a good friend to you.

    But I didn’t throw the reading, and your cards probably had a totally different intent to what mine would. That’d be how I’d look at it though.

    Cheers –

  2. indianstorm Says:

    Hey Chanah..:)

    you know what would be a fascinating comparison- if you drew the cards on behalf of the question see what cards you drew, therefore your interp will be more to your style. Now this will be a definite eg of a cold reading tho wouldnt it?

    have a go and let me in on the info– 🙂

    this should be a fascinating experiment–

    Stormy 🙂

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