Update on the 7 card draw Tarot 15/6/2008…

I am beginning to see how this is going to be a very useful way of getting to grips with Tarot readings.

Here’s the run through of the week:

Monday- It was indeed a day for exchange in opinions partcularly relating to a [resentation I did.

Tuesday- The world- I didnt feel like I was on top of the world- but definitely a load was lifted off with teh completion of the presentation

Wednesday- Queen of Cups- this was me– being the centre of a major negotiation, colleagues wanting me to stand for an important post

Thursday- The Star- the rekindling of events after a major communication breakdown– not so suprisingly- it traversed into early friday morning

Friday- Knight of Wands- this was indeed a person- perfect but inappropriate due to circumstance so ergo- cannot go down that road!

Saturday- Hierophant- I didnt get much done by way of revision- but there were undercurrents in talks about following moral traditions and values.

Sunday- Judgement- well thats today- I judge the cards to be accurate and very reflective of the days event-

Way to go Vanessa Tarot..




3 Responses to “Update on the 7 card draw Tarot 15/6/2008…”

  1. Hi Stormy,

    It’s always to hear how a reading comes out. So many times, it is like reading a book or watching a movie where you don’t get to know what happens at the end – you read about the draw and never knows what comes of it.

    Thanks for posting how your reading came out!


  2. indianstorm Says:

    hey Sammie– I know what you mean- so much of it seems like speculations– doing it this way- I see how it ties in with life- 🙂

    Oh– how did birthday celebration go?


  3. Hi there Stormy,

    Wondering if you’de be interested in the Oracle Ge’ – like the Lenormand cards, but more of them.

    There’s a Study Group starting for it at AT. You’d be very welcome to pop in and contribute…. 🙂

    Bee 🙂

    P.S. Love the marseille decks.

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