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Daily draw 15/5/08

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It is good to start posting daily reflective readings again. I drew the cards today with no specifics in mind. I charged the woman card for myself in case it turned up in this reading. The draw today is interestin.

‘4 House + 5 Tree + 8 Coffin,, Extra 7 Snake, Clarifier 22 Crossroad’

 House- personal home, private space. Also encompasses the ideal home or the my childhood home.

Tree- the spiritual and health card. Whenever the tree shows up- I always think about the idea of bein grounded or rooting down. It represents to me the idea of keeping feet firmly on the ground while one continues to grow.

Coffin- in this context, i look upon the idea of transformation. In fact it could mean the state of feeling 6 feet under, buried and the need to resurface and feel light. state of depression perhaps.. is this for me- although i do not feel depressed per se, but the ambivalent feeling of there must be someting more or non movement/ stagnation can transalate to a state of dissatisfaction which can in turn cause mild depression.

snake- tricky- difficulties or complications. In a way- i look at the snake as advice- it acknowldeges the present state of tricky stagnation, which is not easy to move out of. But the snake is a creature of resource, it tries to wind up  or down or around to get over barriers. Also- it is a creature of patience, biding its time until the irght opportunity turns up and then pounce!! 🙂 so- a creature of wisdom that knows patience and despite the bad press- can also symbolise the need of striking the opportunity presents itself.

crossroad- this where the opportunity lies, a presentation of choice, which occurs when the tie is right- the get out clause or multiple opportunities. the choice itself maybe a difficult one to make- it is not without its sacrifices, but in order to gain- perhaps a loss is necessary. I suspect this is about making a choice and decidin what is improtant and what isnt. but the choice is mine-

Looking in to Sylvie’s book for combinations:

House + Tree: family or house expansion, spiritual home, tree + coffin: clinical depression,weak life force, coffin + snake: major hardships, snake + crossroads: escape, avoidance

I learnt a new trick to doing a reading- it is called completing the circle- can be done with any linear draws with any number of the cards.  it is easy- it is just about combining the last card with the first card- to complete the circle. it gives an idea of how the begining connects with the end and end connects with the beginning.

the final combination is crossroad+house- multiple residences. ( i had to laugh at this)

the reading is a health warning. It is true, i am currently living at 2 residences, my work city and my home city. I drive back every weekend and the come back to work. it is taking its toll on my health, as i feel unsettled and a drain on finances as well. I consider my personal home my spiritual place. my work city, i am finding it difficult to settle in. I need to make a decision soon about permanetly moving in order to improve my health, mental energy and in fact have a healthier bank balance. i think of my personal home as a getaway to get out of work mode. it is i realise a short term fix. I have been doing this for 8 months close and it is getting weary.

I hope this reading has shown a new way of connecting  cause and effect in a reading.. It is fascinating to see how the cards give an accurate description of events and cause and highlighting what is important at this point in time. Try this out and see how you connect the dots..





update on the 30/4/2008 post

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 Well.. it turns out that the cards had a very specific message in mind- my trip for a mini holiday. On the day of travel- the airport that we were going to land in went on strike so the flight was cancelled. despite that- since we were so determined that we are going to get there- we flew an alternative route.. and travelled on land to get to our destination. It was very planes, trains and automobiles..

The minor hiccough made us more resourceful and we arrived at our hotel 1 hour before midnight on the same day. The place we stayed was beautiful and the roads were jasmine scented all the way- a very wonderful pleasant suprise. We woke up in the morning to the most gorgeous sea and yachts view from the balcony.

all in all– the abrupt change in plan made us appreciate the getaway holiday and we have very fond memories of jasmine scented roads, streets and turqoise blue sea as our view every morning of our stay..




Daily Draw- 29 Woman + 13 Child + 3 Ship Extra 10 Scythe

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Back to my daily draws with The Lenormand- I just asked for something good- anything good the cards wish for me to know 🙂


’29 Woman + 13 Child + 3 Ship Extra 10 Scythe , Clarifier 9 Bouquet’

I drew a 5th card to clarify further the Scythe card.

So-29 woman- represents a woman. 13 Child- a young person, a child or defining the young nature of someone. 3 Ship is about movement, progression and travel- overseas. 13 Scythe- decisions, clean break or cut– and the lovely 9 Bouquet- beautiful gift/ warm loving thoughts-

Lets see– woman+child- gives the impression of either a woman with child or a childish woman, small woman- nothing wrong with being a little immature- quite endearing sometimes.

child+ship- a small journey, trip, maybe a new beginning–

ship+scythe- tricky– a travel decision- or break away- or as i see it- a break from routine- so a sudden trip/interrupted??

scythe+bouquet- hair dressers, cosmetic surgery/ beautician- (something aesthetic really)

maybe in a moment of childishness, i take a short trip to the the hairdressers or the beautician- get a haircut or a cosmetics/facial done– ?? lol!! quite possible- cheer me right up it will–

Peak into Sylvie’s bible– woman+child-immature, capricious,petite woman–

                                        child+ship-small trip

                                         ship+scythe-yikes- interrupted vacation/accident

                                        scythe+bouquet-positive outcome/smart decision

hmm– this has got me concerned– due to leave for a short holiday next week– the vacation getting interrupted is not ideal– but somehow it is meant to be a good thing–

Ahh well– extra precautions then–





Dual Deck Reading- Cartouche Cards and The Lenormand

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Lately I have been spending some introspective time with some of the decks I have worked with. I am seeing how they interact and confound each other in my various readings and practice readings. Today- I felt like posting for The Lenormand and the Cartouche Cards.

Part of the routine daily draw – insight and advice- the cards get to say what they want to say 🙂

Cartouche Cards designed by Ostaris publication- images for appreciation only’

‘ 23 Mice + 27 Letters + 2 Clover ..extra 14 Fox’– The Lenormand

’22 Scarab + 2 Isis + 10 Set.. extra 3 Horus’– The Cartouche cards

1.Mice +scarab = unnecessary nervous tension, wittering of energy  and stuck in a rut feeling- the scarab describes a period of renewal after acceptance of a situation. Therefore, the advice is recognise the problem and change your approach in order for transformation to take place and to relieve the stagnation. How true!!

2. Letter + Isis- communication in the written form, news winging its way via post/internet/etc- with the Isis- a selfless woman, maternal, mother figure–hmm– I wonder if  this news is from my mother- she is very Isian — mothers are magickal beings 🙂

3. Clover + Set= an opportunity, twist of fate moment-. With The Set– indicates  setbacks or delays that comes from everyday life- has to come to pass– could be annoying things like bills or a broken heel-:) Nothing insurmountable- a little bit of clover optimism might create an opportunity in the face of adversity

4. Fox+ Horus- work situation or someone deceptively clever/cunning- with the Horus-a man gifted with personality,beauty and music- associated with the Fox- need to watch out for this guy– the sweetness and light is deceptive but he is gifted–I wonder if I  know this person as well– lol!!!

I can’t resist to do this–  reading across the Lenormand:

Mice + letters- nervouse energy and tension with barrages of emails/ written communications in between-

Letters+ clover- a message that is a twist of fate- a chance winning perhaps-

Clover + Fox- career progression/promo-or a foxy opportunity- need to watch for snags

hmm– not to bad from this angle-

Across the Cartouche-

Scarab + Isis- take the time to introspect where the energies are being wasted- stop, reassess, change the approach and transform- If done accordingly- the transformtion ensures the fruits of developing the Isian quality- the magickal nature of giving although selflessly but nevertheless appropriately–only those deservant get the Isian touch

Isis + Set- this spells a warning, a possible misevent or mishap- despite good naturedness, an unavoidable setback occurs but this is circumstantial — nobody is perfect and avoids the mundanities of delays, not even Isis- with perseverance– it is surmountable–

Set + Horus- Another word of warning- Although Hotrus defeated Set, it did take some time to happen- since Set is before Horus- so some problems before a charming man comes to the rescue and saves the day. Lol!! the clover optimism is infectious!!! Still need to exercise caution- not all charmers come with pure intentions..need to watch for the fox snag..

Any thoughts from you guys — welcome to add– the Cartouche is amazing oracle deck- had mine for a few years now— never fails– works a treat with the Lenormand as well–



Daily Draw- 22 Crossroads + 27 Letter+ 8 Coffin Extra 29 Woman

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This is a return to the daily 4 card draw- no questions or cards charged.


’22 Crossroad + 27 Letter + 8 Coffin Extra card 29 Woman’

The crossroads is a strange card- on its own it speaks of choices or options, the changes in a travelled path – free to go anywhere and the choice is yours. The letter is about written communication or paperwork- emails, letters, official documentation. The coffin- ending, death of a situation, transformation, also can be grieving/ sadness. the woman card indicates a female player and the layout is for this female-

looking at the combination meanings- crossroads + letters- multiple mailings or emails, letter + coffin- condolences, coffin + woman- mentally down female/ negative thinking phase.

I welcome layouts like this- only through an ending a new situation can begin. So, from this- the get out clause will present itself through written messages. This brings about the ending of a situation- will cause some sadness but nevertheless, every ending means a new beginning. Timing wise- appears not long of a wait- I would say- 2 or 3 days max 7 days.. in my experience..


Multilevel reading- analysis of feelings and intent with the Lenormand

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Following a telephone call, I was cajoled into looking into how someone feels about a certain friend. They have decided to see each other as friends only. She would like to know how does he really feel about her. So I decided to do a multi level reading with her keycard charged-29 woman and his keycard- 28 man. The draw is as follows:

‘ 3 Ship + 26 Book + 2 Clover + 28 Man + 27 Letter + 4 House + 17 Storks..

1Rider + 6 Clouds + 35 Anchor + 29 Woman + 24 Heart + 20 Garden + 10 Scythe..’

I wanted to see what is going on around him and what are his thoughts about her.

So in the first layer- the man card surrounded by clover and letter. This describes him as a lucky, optimistic and perhaps an opportunist. With the letters, describes someone communicative and published individual- an individual whose qualifications are well publicised.  To the left (past ), he has ship- giving an exotic, well travelled feel to him, and also someone well educated (book). Ship+book- travels related to his area of interest, book+clover imply a lucky find/ suprising discovery. To the right (future possibilities) he has the house indicating domestic enviromment, with the storks suggests change/movement. So, letter+ house- some real estate or property contract, with the house+storks-indicating change of residence or house expansion. Hmm, whenever the storks come up- i always think baby possibility as well.

Nevertheless- so this guy- is quite wordly, is attractive in an exotic, educated and talented way- also has some domestic things going on- in the future.

Coming to how he feels about her- anchor+woman +  heart- so he sees her a reliable, stable, loyal person- commitment material with the heart suggest he sees her as his lover/ romantic partner. Looking to the left- Rider indicates he sees her as a youthful, physically fit and sexy individual, but next to the clouds highlights some confusion/ambivalence. Frustration involved by how he feels/ sees her. Rider+clouds- confusing news/mixed messages, clouds+anchor-imply settling down/clarity. I feel this points to their recent decision at an attempt to see each other just as friends (the clarity amidst the ambiguity of their relationship). He is however, not so sure about it himself.

to the right (future possibility), the garden implies open meetings in public places , the scythe after is the decision making card- perhaps suggesting that when they next meet in apublic place- a sort of decision will be made. Heart+garden imply outgoing relationship and garden+scythe- imply a joint decision.

Fascinating- on the one hand- there is something poetic about this realtionship- they both seem to want to be with each other, but some how it appears that they cannot for the moment. They are attempting to have an out in the open relationship/ friendship- but it may be that it might not work as implied by the scythe. It appears to be that in order for the relationship to work- something needs to be cut off.

I think at this point i should add that- after the scythe- the dog card came up – we all know how comlicated that dog can be- since we are looking at how he feels about her- the dog showing up indicates to me- this man has someone who he is alreday in a relationship with (dog). With the Scythe next to the dog- it doesnt bode well for this person. I feel sad that he truly wants to be with my friend as it appears- but this cannot be for as long he is with the other person-this man needs to make a decision.

Hmm, I wonder if I have missed anything.. as it is a multilevel- it takes the complication of the readings to dizzying heights- so any additions of information that I may have missed- do add..:)


Daily Draw- 29 Woman + 3 Ship + 18 Dog Extra 36 Cross

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Well, the plan was to do a no layout with the 29 Woman charged as the keycard. As it appears, the Lenormand cards has  motives of its own today. It has become a regular draw as I drew the woman card first.


’29 Woman + 3 Ship + 18 Dog extra card 36 Cross’

I did have a question in mind which kind of popped while I was shuffling- I wanted to know what my dreams are trying to tell me lately. They are becoming vivid and sometimes I do wake up thinking it was real with the emotions carried into the waking world.

I am not sure how the layout answered the question.

With the woman card charged with my energy- I seem to appear as the headlining topic of discussion so to speak- in a funny way- I have drawn the focus of what my little Lenormands have been gossipping about.

3 Ship- is about voyages, movement and brings an international flavour to any reading- So- in tandem with woman card- woman+ship- a woman traveller or a woman on a trip.

18 Dog- nice but difficult card- obviously someone I know and trust- also can sometimes represent a person who has a past connection- ie a long lost friend perhaps- Ship+Dog- a travel/ journey with a companion.

36 Cross- has some very negative meanings to it- distress, despair, depression – or religious associations- Dog+Cross= spiritual support or the true confidant-

peeking into the book- Woman+ship= woman born or educated abroad (latter for me), Ship+dog= international friends / travel companion, dog+cross= support group or confidant.

OK- at this point, I should say- I have a mini holiday booked in early May for R&R abroad with my best mate who is my confidant 🙂

However- the spread interpretation this way has not answered my question- why am I dreaming the way I dream right now- what does it mean- ?

So I am going to try a new approach to the Lenormand like it were the Tarot- the Archetype / Symbology extrapolation.

The woman card in essence is female, lunar influence- neutral by default. It is there to make the reading relevant. The ship- symbolise passage- the number 3 (triangulation)- movement/departure- journey over long distances/ transitions. The dog- is in essence an animal, loyal to man, faithfulness, soulmate link or soul connection, the number 9 (1+8=9). And the Cross- doesn’t get anymore fated than that- spiritual test, introspective testing of ones convictions- 36 ( essence of 9, also 3 & 6 ,) a lot of 3’s in this reading.

Here’s the kick- an excess of 3’s essence and exaggerated with the 9’s-

3 Positive Traits: Self-expressive in many ways, verbalization, inspiration and keen imagination, artistic gifts, accurate impressions and insights, never-ending optimism, happy and fun-loving, enjoys life fully.
3 Negative Traits: Scattered energies, exaggeration, unfinished projects, lack of direction, moodiness, self-centeredness.
9 Positive Traits: Heartily friendly and congenial, a hail-fellow, humanitarian instincts, a giving nature, selflessness, obligations, creative expression, readily influenced to do good works, artistic and writing talents.
9 Negative Traits: Self-adulation, scattered interests, possessiveness, moodiness, careless with finances, wanting peer attention.
2 Positive Traits: Cooperation, adaptability, considerate of others, sensitive to the needs of others, partnering, an arbiter or mediator, modest, sincere, spiritually influenced, a diplomat.
2 Negative Traits: Shyness, timidity, fear, self-consciousness, drown in detail, depression.
And finally-

The reduction of 11 from (2+9). 11 essentially is a more spiritually expressive side of 2.

This  draw in essence has answered by indicationg the imbalances in the 3 areas of life ( mind, body and spirit) , the imbalance of actions ,inactions and non action actions. Perhaps the pursuit of the studies (both scientific and esoteric) is taking more out of me than I realise. The scholar attitude I have is not self serving but rather soul destroying. In my waking hours- I am alright and ignorant of the imbalance, when I sleep- the subconscious has to illuminate the imbalance by showing images of unrest, pain and sorrow-

Basically  the cards have answered me in numbers-energy frittering in all the wrong directions, not enough recognition towards the need from rest. It is advising focus on the number 1 and redirect that way  to gain the essence of (1’s, 2’s, 4’s ,5’s, 7’s and 8’s). in numerology- better to look at numbers that are not there than what is there. same with the tarot- the cards that don’t show up say a lot more than the cards that do.

In Lenormand- same principle- it is just as complicated and rich as the tarot zipped into 36 cards- look at the question and then check for the answer- its always there-