Journey with the Lenormand Oracle Cards

When you search and search for a gem, should you look long and hard enough eventually you will find one. Perhaps the exclusive nature of what you are looking for makes it even more covetable?

I first discovered the Lenormand cards 1-2 years ago. I am au fair with the Tarot and various other oracles, except I never quite got them on the pedestal. I have always preferred the simpler divination method utilising Playing cards. My first love was the Jane Lyle’s Fortune Tellers Deck. In it- she speaks of the Lenormand Master Spread. I still love the playing cards for its sheer simplicity.

 The Petit Lenormand to me is my oracle of Adelphi. Never have I dedicated so much time, effort and sleepless nights understanding the simplicity of the cards and how it contains a diaspora of information neatly played out by 36 simple imageries.

Sleepless nights turned to days as I worked out various meanings and intuitively interpreted the meanings of the cards. This is what the cards do- the interplay of imagery sequence alongside logical intuition (not pseudo scientific psycho babble) impresses upon you  the reader/querant cold hard facts. How’s that for a divinatory tool? In my blog, I will endevour to post how the Lenormand cards continue to reveal and reveal the facts in my practise cases with real people with real questions and issues who want real answers.

What I was lacking I realised was clear guidance, here I have with me raw data that needs focusing and navigation. I needed a teacher, and Sylvie Steinbach who gladly gave up her time to a group of like minded people is a Teacher who lead a study group -‘ The Secrets of the Lenormand Oracle’. Here, she has guided, educated, focused and revealed the wealth of information that she carries with her. Her book was the gem that consolidated my understanding and took me to another level.

Here we are now, I am braving the world with my logical intution and placing my  gem, the Petit Lenormand to the scrutiny of my peers and other enthusiasts alike.  Knowing what I know now, things are looking bigger, better and so much brighter..since there is still more to learn.



3 Responses to “Journey with the Lenormand Oracle Cards”

  1. spiritsong Says:

    Here! here!! well said!
    they certainly are a gem…and it’s become a 24 hour obsession with me 🙂 I even dream of lenormand cards now! they have far surpassed every other system I have ever studied…although, like you, I still love the playing cards ALOT- and am dedicated to learning more. (I’ve been wanting Jane Lyle’s cards for some time! lol) great minds like the same thing!

    I am so glad that more of us, are coming forth to openly study together- we will learn by leaps and bounds-

    Glad you’re here_

  2. indianstorm Says:

    Hello spiritsong,, glad to have met you here too 🙂
    this is definitely one of the nicest things to have..


  3. I am fascinated by the lenormand but am thinking how to buy this. Its available only in germany.. sigh and they dont ship to where I am from.

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