Mantra Power for Intuition

Growing up in a Hindu/Buddhist family, Mantras are like every other things that are not novel or unique. All cultures that have religions albeit animist/ pagan/ deitist or doctrines have prayers. Mantras are prayers.

Mantras serve to tune  the mind and the psyche for the purpose of opening  channels within  to receive knowledge. All knowledge is divine. Fact! The Hindu Vedas inform us of the unseen channel ie the third eye located in between the eyes. In brain anatomy- this focus actually refers to the connection between the right and left brain. As 95% of the population are right hand dominant- we place emphasis on the left brain function. Even then, we are still utilising approximate or less than 3% of our total brain capacity.

Mantras serve to focus our thoughts and sometimes are clearly directing our thought processes to what exactly we wish to gain. There are mantras for everything and anything. Why? This is symbolic and elucidates on the power of knowledge and spiritual awareness. When we are aware and alert, we learn more because we are in tune to what we are doing. This serves us well to protect, heal, nourish, work, provide, love, cherish, appreciate, honour and above all respect our being and that which surrounds us.

The third eye is also linked with psychic intuition. The 6th sense that comes after taste, smell, sight, touch and hearing. To create the psychic zone we need to focus.Learn to ignore the harsh assault of the other 5 senses that gets flooded with information all the time. Yogis call this Nivarthana (to be free). To deprive the other 5 senses all the time is bad, but occasional deprivation will enable the 6th sense to come forward at pole position. Yogic meditation is all about this.

I am a practitioner of yoga and meditative reflection. Prana- the pure breath helps focus the mind introspectively and tune the physical world out. Thus enabling the higher self/ the inner mind to come forward. It is here we listen to our private voice and thoughts without interruption. Mind and heart come together and learn to co-exist. Part of the channeling of this prana energy or chi help re-energise neuronal connection, rest the brain from its physical duties and develop the psychii within.

Mantra practice is not for the undisciplined nor is it only for people who are interested in esoteric studies. It is not exclusive. It is about learning to harness our vital force and exist in tune with nature and obtain clarity in our day to day lives. Awareness and alertness and internal content is what we are after. We currently live in a world where the populations exists in semi sleep state, function like robots, forced depression and contradict nature. It is nice to know – that escape to an inner peaceful world can be achieved within a few moments spent in deep reflection and rest with our eyes closed.

Some simple mantras –

 ‘Aum’- the universal sound. Easy to say, and feel the change.

  Buddhist mantra- ‘ Naamyo ho reng gey kyo’

   Sanksrit/Vedic – ‘ Aum Shanti’- mantra for peace

                                 ‘ Aum Shakti’- mantra for strength/power/courage

   My simple mantra is this- ‘ My mind and heart are in tune and true. Bhagvan protects and guides me. I am open to knowledge without judgement or bias. I am at peace.’ * Bhagvan is Sanskrit for Supreme Onmipotent God-

A Sanskrit prayer written in the vedas spoken by one of the great Guru’s to his disciples-the mantra of all mantras is known as the Gayatri Japa-‘Aum Bhoor Bhuva suvaha, tat sa vetur Varehnyam, Bar gho devasya deymahey, di yo yo nath, pracho dhyathe’.

The above  was thought to me by my Father who recites this regularly first thing as he wakes up in the morning as part of the yoga ritual of sun salutation.

A pagan prayer that I was thought by a lovely lady who wrote a book on goddess guidance- ‘ I call upon the goddesses within and without, make a circle all about, bring love in- keep evil out’. A simple ritualistic prayer to clear the negative air to make space for the work that is about to take place, in my case- a card reading session..:)

I hope this has been an interesting read as it has been for revisitting what is normal practice which I have taken for granted.

I have inserted a link here for yoga and meditative practice. Not only is yoga great for a lithe and strong body, helps create a G-Force mind 🙂



One Response to “Mantra Power for Intuition”

  1. hi…i do not understand the tarot card readings you have put up…..what are they for??? And is it possible that if u ask someone about your future……what is meant to happen changes???? i dont know…….but whatever i have been told till today……..exactly the opposite has happened in my life… where does this tarot reading come into play then? its confusing…i dont know how you guys believe in it so much..i wish i cud do that

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