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Tarot D’ Eltynne- Tirage en Croix

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It is quite late and I am relatively wide awake. I was looking around for some inspiration so I reached out for Medlindaf’s Tarot D’ Eltynne. I wanted to see if the cards would pick up on my subconscious mind. I haven’t posed any questions, I was hoping the higher self will draw out what is exactly bugging me.

The draw was 5 cards and I must have been thinking about the simple cross. So here it is..

………………… …………………..



If you have read the previous post on the Tirage en croix, the position meanings should be easy, then you can understand what this draw is speaking about. For those who haven’t- i’ll explain as I decipher the cards.

1. Position 1 (Left Arm)- You or the Querant

2. Position 2 ( Right Arm)- The world’s view of you ( opposing or supporting forces)

3. Position 3 (Top Arm)- The Council ie the Influences at play

4. Position 4 (Bottom Arm)- Destiny or outcome, can be either negative or positive

5. Position 5 (Should be centre of the Cross)- Synthesis

This spread is dynamic as you can see how the cards influence each other adjacent or opposite.

35 Enemy sitting in the querant position is quite telling. You are your own worst enemy. If it was in the opposite arm- I could postulate that there is a rival or someone else who aspires for the same thing as I do. Obviously in this case, it is me. Thanks Eltynne for pointing this out. Note that Enemy is adjacent to 40 Gift, 2 Man’s Star and 16 Home. Not good if me being my own worse enemy, if I am not watchful over my own actions, I stand to affect all 3 things.

40 Beauty sitting in the World’d view is a very positive card. the positives are feeling aesthetically beautiful and also childlike innocence. The converse is over importance on physicalities and immaturity. So the advice here learn to appreciate what is granted.

10 Gift sits at the top exerting its external influence. I have drawn this card. A gift has been given, or a favor is granted. I have wished for something in earnest and it is being granted, seize the opportunity. Beauty would recognise the gift and appreciate it like an innocent child. But the Enemy looks at the gift and doubts its value and a true enemy will sabotage.

16 Home sits at the bottom representing the destiny or the general direction of flow. It points to the castle where we seek refuge. Home is where I feel most secure and it is in my birth country. My castle. Which is where I will be heading towards at the end of the month.

2 The Man’s Star forms the synthesis which should sit at the centre. It draws all 4 cards to give an idea what the reading is influenced by. This is the first time I have drawn this card. According to the LWB- the Man’s Star is either the male demander or the male influence within the circle of the demander.

Now for the symbolisme breakdown. The gift sits above the man. The man sits on the castle.  What can you synthesise from that?  The serpents head faces away from the man, so he is protected from the bite. Beauty looks on to the Man’s star with longing and in earnest. Note he is there with his eyes shut and peaceful. He is not going anywhere, he is staying where he is. This is why the Eltynne is fabulous when you want to engage in a dynamic reading. The images are drawn with a view to aid card interaction. The reader is not just an observing bystander, you become an active participant.

I hope you have enjoyed this reading. Do chime in with any other insight, or if youhave picked up any symbolic imagery which adds more dimension to this reading- do not hesitate. Medlindaf will be popping in when he can, I am sure he will enjoy a healthy discourse and shed some light on the cards.



Tarot d’Eltynne- 6 card draw- Advice asked and received..

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It has been a while since I last consulted the Tarot d’Eltynne ( new Oracle Belline). Whenever I have a pressing matter in mind- this is my go to deck. Helps uncover the mysteries in a way.

I had a specific question-‘How do I handle the situation with this particular man?’

I felt this question is broad enough to cover the aspects of this relationship- mainly I wanted to know how do I go about managing this relationship (if it is a relationship which is another question mark)- as it is quite confusing at the best of times- what with distance and communication gaps- I wondered what would the cards pick up. Being completely out of the dating game for a while now- i was beginning to doubt my feelings and impressions of this man– even though he has given me no just cause to think so.

I drew this set of cards for answer:

’31 Passions + 29 Love + 22 Enterprise, Projects + 25 Pleasures + 39 Support + 45 Happiness’

I drew 6 cards as it is the number for venus and it symbolises love in all shapes and forms.

I decided to read the cards individually and in tandem.

1. The nature of the relationship- 31 Passion + 29 Amour

Since I wanted the nature of the relationship clarified- I must have been concentrating well- as I drew 2 cards from the Venus series.  Passion symbolised by the Phoenix- recognition of strong feelings in any shape of form. Next to Love- symbolises the mutual recognition of love. Phoenix can also mean all consuming- when it peaks it turns to ashes only to rise again. I love this interpretation- the resurrection of love over and over again- to keep it going and mutual effort. Sometimes- it can also mean excess of feeling and obsessions- but this should be in context if other negative cards are present.

2. Present state of play- 22 Enterprise + 25 Pleasures

I have drawn Enterprise ( Mercury series) and 25 Pleasures ( Venues series)

Mercury is about the interaction between subconcsious and conscious mind. Basically- verbal and non verba communication if you will- said vs unsaid. Also the problem solver. Enterprise is about the beginning of a project or the readiness to embark on venture. Next to Pleasures (Venus)- makes this about emotions and relationships (venus). Pleasures is the readiness to embark on all the pleasures life can bring, physical, emotional, sentiments.  I feel the cards are speaking of being in a state of readiness and accepting that love is not all about difficulties and strife, it is about pleasure and celebrations. I suppose the problem is in all my mind really- creating issues thaT are not there when in fact I am ready to be happy.

I must admit- I don’t think I am unique when i say that I am actually fearful of happiness. Because – i fear that when it is experienced- it can get taken away so quickly- and end up feeling hurt. The rug beneath feet being pulled analogy.

3. Culmination- ( I usually am reluctant any point to draw cards here- but since I wanted to know whether this realtionship is meant to be, I did). 39 Support + 45 Happiness

Both cards from the Jupiter series- representing support and protection from higher up, the symbol of progress. I seem to draw the Support card frequently whenever i touch this deck- seems to be saying put all worries aside- it is all in hand. 🙂

Nice to know that justice and order (represented by Jupiter) is in motion. It has been a long time coming since I felt this way ( a strange feeling when you meet someone unexpectedly and wonder if it is possible, that love at first sight can happen?) then the thinking mind creeps in and ruins the novelty with practicalities. Once in a while- it is good to hand over the reigns to higher up and be ready for come what may. In this circumstance- it promises Happiness- prosperous period, good fortunes, happy event coming about. It also mentions results of past actions bringing strong personal harmony.

Looks like I should learn to chill on this guy, let things happen as they seem to be already in motion. Be ready for good things to flow and not second guess gifts of magic. As a science person- a difficult concept to cope with- but I am doing my utmost to not analyse everything and upset the true feelings that are felt- hopefully it will be said… 🙂

Any other insight most welcomed as it is lovely cards, and Medlindaf is such an artist–


Madame Endora- The Seer’s Fan

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This is the Madame Endora Fortune Cards spread using the Seer’s Fan. I will describe the position and assignation as I go along. The cards were shuffled with no particular questions-just the usual what can I expect/look out for etc- and pulled at random  to represent the assigned post.-

The Seers Fan is used to highlight/ forecast the future for 3 major areas- Love, Health and Money. It is read individually to give you an understanding of the specifics. Combinations don’t work too well here in my experience as it will be very confusing due to the specific positions each card occupy.

king.jpg Position 1: The King  – ‘Authority and diplomacy’Representing the present situation or to signify you. This card speaks about a dominant male figure who can assess and take charge of a situation. A powerful mediator who conducts affairs with authority and diplomacy. As I am woman- this could be either a dominant figure in my life or an aspect of my personality or a demand to be this way in the present situation.

sun.jpg Position 2: The Sun-‘Your perseverance is awarded’– Representing concerns of health and physical well being. The sun indicates that continuous efforts will yield benefits and rewards- Adopting the healthy diet, my continuous yoga practise has been very positive. Just one bad habit is hanging- need to work on that.. and much needed break in the Summer- have been patiently awaiting for this by the way

 seduction.jpg Position 3: Seduction- ‘Passion and romance await’Representing love and friendship in your life. Seduction is about heightened feelings of love, passion and sensuality. It also is an augury card indicating what is to come is about deep feelings that manifest through communication and gestures. It is a good card for as long as the circumstance is not detrimental or wrongful.

blackcat.jpg Position 4: The Black Cat-‘Your luck will soon change’– Representing the immediate concern which is also the strongest predictor of future events. The black cat is a difficult card- Enigma and aloof as it is temperamental. Like someone I know- me! This cards warns about unnecessary risks and luck will soon change for the better if one is cautious.

raven.jpg Position 5:  The Raven – ‘Darkness looms on the Horizon’Representing spiritual harmony. Raven is an ill portent therefore a warning. Spiritual dysharmony is looming- excess indulgences and carelessness of actions are root causes. If one was to exercise caution with words and actions- this might be lessened or all together prevented. Another meaning- another person’s harmful intentions I need to be on the lookout for-great- this is the sabotage the Bellini Oracle mentioned!

shield.jpg Position 6: The Shield – ‘You are safe from harm’ Representing wealth and material prosperity- The shield a cool card as it is the impenetrable armour. Exercise financial defense– and all will be well– Wise advise–:)

So- I can’t help but notice how the oracles have sung from the same hymn sheet. They seem to say the same things and warn about the same things, and predict similar outcomes. So far the Lenormand and Eltynne (AKA New Belline) now, Madame Endora..

Yes, before I forget- Madame Endora can be read in combinations if the layout is on the same theme to avoid confusion. In the Seer’s Fan- each positions has its own meaning. However- you can check out how each influences the other – for example how money affects health- or romance affecting spiritual health vice versa.

Let me know what you think- look forward to hearing your comments–


Tarot d’ Eltynne 4 card draw

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This oracle deck was conceived by Medlindaf to update the original Oracle Bellini. I still favour the original design as I find it rustic and resonant. However- Medlindaf, I am happy to say has not compromised the essence of the deck, rather improvised on the design to make it accesible to a non French speaking public.

carte_29_amour.jpg     carte_22_entreprise.jpg     carte_39_appuis.jpg            carte_35_ennemis.jpg

‘ 29 Amor + 22 Enterprises + 39 Appui Extra card 35 Ennemis’

self explanatory I hear you say- 🙂 it is actually–this is my daily draw for guidance-

29-Amor- Venus series- about love in all forms- 2 hearts reciprocating love and affection

22-Enterprises- Mercury series- projects and planning- in preparatory stages

39-Appui- Jupiter series-support from someone higher up/ authority in the matter

35-Ennemis- Mars series- enemy or rival

I am not overtly concerned about the planetary associations- it is the Belline style to define the general essence of the cards-

Having said that- since there is one of each of all planets- it augurs a balanced state of play really- no extremes.

Synthesis- Amor is love of any kind- whats nice about it is that what you love -loves you back- so it means continue-with the Enterprise card- makes this card something more project/ plan related. Romantic or work project–since the first card sets the tone- so  future romantic plans is in the pipeline- 

Next comes the Appui / eagle -protection from higher authorities and guidance. Nice to know even if I feel clueless in how to proceed- there is always someone to refer to- Reassurance. Next as with anything- there existence of rivals-35 Enemies- at work or love-not very nice- a rival with similar goals to me- who wants the same thing as I do- – Like the 7 Snake in Lenormand- it meant be watchful of possible sabotage! I think I will now..

This should prompt me to draw a 5th card as per Belline’s advice to get an idea of how the balance is tipped- in my favor or to someone else..

Let me know what you think–I’ll try and get better images- in the mean time–check the website to see the deck in its age nouveau glory:

I still love the old version of the Oracle Belline..


ps: Belline lived not too far away from Mme Lenormand in rue de Fontaine- the influences are very apparent- so I am happy to say that this deck is contiguous to the Lenormand for me