Update on the 7 card draw Tarot 15/6/2008…

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I am beginning to see how this is going to be a very useful way of getting to grips with Tarot readings.

Here’s the run through of the week:

Monday- It was indeed a day for exchange in opinions partcularly relating to a [resentation I did.

Tuesday- The world- I didnt feel like I was on top of the world- but definitely a load was lifted off with teh completion of the presentation

Wednesday- Queen of Cups- this was me– being the centre of a major negotiation, colleagues wanting me to stand for an important post

Thursday- The Star- the rekindling of events after a major communication breakdown– not so suprisingly- it traversed into early friday morning

Friday- Knight of Wands- this was indeed a person- perfect but inappropriate due to circumstance so ergo- cannot go down that road!

Saturday- Hierophant- I didnt get much done by way of revision- but there were undercurrents in talks about following moral traditions and values.

Sunday- Judgement- well thats today- I judge the cards to be accurate and very reflective of the days event-

Way to go Vanessa Tarot..



Marseille Tarot- Past, Present, Projected future..

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I have been working with the Marseille Tarot Majors for some while now. The Marseille deck has truly got my interest from the get go. I have taken to trying to integrate the concept if symbolic representation and synchronicity cards to my interpretations. Thank you to Enrique Enriquez who has declutterd the myths of the Marseille. Also, there are a few hardcore sites that are dedicated to the Art of reading the Marseille from a dynamic perspective and philosophical premise. Either way, what is needed is just logic, pattern recognition and an understanding of concept of each card.

I have in my possession at the moment, The Jodo-Camoin deck, The Universal Marseille by Lee Burnstein and Lo Scarabeo, Oswald Wirth and the beautiful facsimile of Nicolas Conver Marseille produced by Heron. I am still awaiting the impending arrival of the rather noble Noblet by Flornoy, the Dodal restored and the Veritable Marseille by Kris Hadar. Just some gorgeous trinkets to look forward to.

Now, the start of it all was from the discovery of the tirage en croix (simple cross) spread which was described by Stanislas de Guaita and the use of this spread with the Oswald Wirth tarot. Such a pretty and mesmerising deck in my opinion. But my fascination was further fuelled by the discovery of a certain Mr Camoin of the House of Camoin. He has a wonderful site dedicated to the restoration of the Jodo-CAmoin and also his personal techniques of reading the Marseille. Tres fascinating (http://www.camoin-cie.com).

Now, I have been incorporating the dynamic simple cross to most of deck interpretation repertoires. Simple but potent answers derived from bringing a deck alive as players rather than jus pictures on paper.

Here is a draw using what basic information Mr Camoin was prepared to divulge on his site 🙂 Any Marseille can be used, although the recommended one is the Camoin Jodo. Here I am  illustrating with the Marseille from US Games (images for appreciation and education purposes only):


I am still practising the finesse of understanding the techniques involved.I hope this blog will let me experiment and grow with this technique to better my perception of Marseille. The 3 cards that denote the past, present and future are 21 World, 8 Justice and 14 Temperance respectively. In order to complete the gaze of the World card, I drew another card to the left which was 14 Tower. I think this should suffice, because the order is not to complicate but to elucidate.

See anything unique? Whats the dynamic of the characters and the arresting images? Strike any chords of thought or emotions? Do you hmm, aha or oh? Is there a story?

I am going to narrate. Once upon a time, a lady danced in her perfect world where everything was in balance. But all was not so before she came to be that way. She once stood atthetop of a tall tower which was struck by some mystical energy ball and she fell from high  to the ground. She didnt fall alone, she fell with someone. That was the past to her past. Now, the lady is dancing in her new world, where once her old one was shattered. The angel on top who governs her mind looks to Justice in the present. Maybe the angel who govern thoughts and air is fixed on Justices Sword (another air). The sword discriminates that which is worthy and unworthy, only seeking to permit who or what is permissable. The world is in balance now- only permit that which will encourage balance says the Scales. In my hands, I weigh the pro’s and cons and I will balance all that is opposing in your world purports Justice. LAlas, I am Karma too,, and that to shall come to pass. For which, in the future, Temperance pours her water into the jug in her right while looking at Justice’s Scales. I am the Temperate one, I am the face of patience in times of test. I will teach that in relinquishing ego, will you recognise that instant gratification in the material world lacks permanence. In my plane, I have wings yet my feet touch the ground. I am the lesson of being grounded in mind, body and spirit. For as long you seek balance and just rewards, your patience will be tried. Lady world, just as your material home collapsed, your spiritual world grew 4 fold, the law of justice in motion recognises 4 virtues (autonomy, beneficance, non malevolance and last by no means least Justice).

So, when Temperance advocates her gaze to Justice, there is reciprocacity and equilibrium. there is no blockage, there is no problem, proceed as you would, flow in to the future..:)

Incidentally- Look at the Tower- struck by lightning with 2 people tumbling down- this can also representthe kismet like reaction of being hit by cupids arrow and falling in love.. just a pointer i picked up alongthe way– fun eh!!! the Tower is not bad– it is symbolic..:)




Lenormand draws: ID this person and time his arrival

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For all you Lenormand enthusiasts who have been reading the blogs, here is an interesting and curious draw of cards done to identify the physical attributes and characteristics of as yet an unknown person, or at least thats what the question states. As you all know- I am an avid Lenormand card reader and have enjoyed the pleasure of being a student of Sylvie Steinbach technique of the no layout. She defines well in her book how to ID a person of as yet unknown when you approach the question with a blank canvas. She also recommends double checking in the same verin of the line of questioning.

So here’s the question: How do I ID the man who I will settle down with? (basically this question asks for physical description, characteristics and useful info for you to spot him when he enters your life). Here is answer number 1: the 28 man charged for ID purpose and therefore a blank canvas- now we fill in the colours of his personality and draw him out.

’12 Birds + 10 Scythe + 19 Tower+ 28 Man + 8 Coffin + 18 Dog + 32 Moon’

This second draw- is to double check the first draw because I had my concerns naturally with the nature of the cards. So I reasked the cards with the same blank canvas, and the spread below is the second answer.

’14 Fox + 16 Stars + 4 House + 28 Man + 1 Rider + 9 Bouquet + 25 Ring’

What I would like for when you answer, in the above 2 drawsof which you are going to create the description of this man, tell me what makes this to draw related? or if you think the two draws are not related, tell me why also. Basically- are they decsriptions for the same person or are they talking about 2 different people?  I will post my interpretations of this draw after a few interpretations have been thrown in the mix as I do not wish to cloud your judgement. I have specific reasons why I felt the need to double check the draw.

Now, with regards of timing- I asked the Lenormand, when can I anticipate the arrival of the gentleman we have ID’ed as above. Note, here, a random 5 card draw is done with no key cards charged. Obviously there are clues in the draw to make it relevant to the reading for the purpose of timing. Here is her answer:

’23 Mouse + 20 Garden + 16 Stars + 24 Heart + 13 Child’

Within this draw, there is a proposed timing, I would like it if you could gestimate from the cards what is the most likely time frame within which the person you ID’ed will show up. In my mind, when th ecards were drawn, the time frame is within 1 year and no more. But this maybe more than an overshot as the draw suggests differently.

Happy posting of your analysis chaps, I look forward to all of your insights and intuition as it will be an interesting process to which your inner intution will lead you to the most logical answer.And I am hoping to learn more with this draw too.


A hypothetical interaction with the Tarot..

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Suppose if we were to pose a question to the tarot on a hypothetical level. Any hopethesis posed has 2 variable outcomes- 1. there is no valuable difference between the proposed event with the outcome and as the observed is entirely due to chance., 2. there is a measurable difference which renders premise 1 non admissable and not a chance observation.

These 2 outcomes are termed Null and Alternative hypothesis respectively. How do we translate this to the tarot. Can tarot give us a statistically accurate answer in terms of measurement of its answer values? For eg- In a 1 card draw, for any question, you have a 1 in 78 chance of drawing any card for the supposed answer. should we repeat the draw, there’s another 1 in 78 chance of drawing any card inclusive of the 1st card drawn. Therefore, the probability of drawing the same card twice is 1/78 x 1/78 x 100 = 0.02 %

So, what we observe here is that- for the sake of accuracy- to get the same answer twice is a 1 in 50 event. What does this mean- in simple statistics– the chance of observing the same card pulled twice for a given question, you have to repeat the draw 50 times.

For example- Hypothetical question- should I  invest millions in company X? if I get the card eg The Stars- i could be rest assured that yep- it will be agood start in investment. What If I wanted further affirmation, by that I mean, pulling the Star again to confirm the previous answer. I have 1:50 chance of pulling the Star again. Would I be happy to gamble my millions on a 1:50 chance odds? Would I bet on a horse which has a 1:50 chance of winning a race?

Maybe the answer here lies in the combinations of cards in tarot that convey the meaning yes, sure thing, beneficial move or sound investment. Now it will become a case of permutations or combinations. Well, if order of the cards pulled is important- then the permutations will give us the various selection of answers which will make me invest if these show up in a row. If the order drawn is unimportant- it will widen the possible combinations available which I will take as a yes, invest without fear answer. With me so far?

Say for example- in order for me to feel happy in investing- I want these 4 cards to come up in a draw that will say to me- yes invest. The order that they come up in is relevant. The mathematical correlate for that would be- 78 P 4 -(order of cards drawn is important and no repetitions)

so I get a large number of permutations of 4 card–34234200. If order doesnt matter- the 4 cards i want can turn up in any order – the number of 4 card combinations in a 78 card deck -1426425 is considerably less.

In Tarot- majority what we do is by the feel of the cards. But still- i am left with the question- what is the likelihood of me getting my 4 card combination that will give me the yes to invest out of the 1426425 combinations that I can pull out of my deck. I will speak with a statistician for this one-:) but In my calculation– in order to observe the 4 cards I want in a row which will give me a resolute yes- will be a remote event  which will invariably fall under the Null Hypothesis category no difference, most likely a chance observation. Incidentally- only 35 combinations of 4 cards out of 1426425 combo’s will give me the resolute yes- invest. This means- the chance of tarot saying- yes Stormy- you can safely invest your millions in company XYZ is 1:400. So- actually– if the 4 cards did come up- I could attribute it to stroke of divine guidance- or fluke draw–, but I cannot assign satistical significance because i would need to repeat it again for confirmation- but would i get the sure fire first time round answer- if i did– then I sure well would think less hard about investing my money.

But honestly– how much of life do we go about making statistical calculations of each and every actions- where do you measure a gut reaction, an instinct, or a golden opportunity? But we can all take a calculated risk, right? That means seeking and assessing all avenues prior to taking a leap- how many of you will use the Tarot in your arsenal for wise counsel- especially when the wise counsel almost always doesnt give a yes/ no answer- occasionally a 50:50 answer, sometimes a lenient 60:40, or if you are extremely lucky or unlucky- a 80:20 or 90:10 :). Is this a value judgement or we can assign a spiritual weighting to each card in order to gauge the trend of the answer..

Tell me what you think about this… 🙂


Tarot daily- 5 card spread

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Now- I have an old deck, with it a book which I have found to be most practical and most straight to the point in terms of understanding the Tarot nuances. Josephine Ellershaw’s Easy tarot handbook. I am not a book and deck kit person. But, this was gifted to me and by far the most cherished and used deck in my possession- The Gilded Tarot by Ciro Marchetti. I actually will make an attempt to procure a handmade copy in the near future as I Iooooove this deck. Prior to the Vanessa,, this was my prime personal read deck. In such, translates to the deck reading me very well. Spooky but true.

On to the draw- 5 Cards for the daily spread-each card drawn to its position typically cross fashion. I don’t bother much with that- unless I am noting dynamics in a specific question. This is a daily, with my Darling Vanessa tarot- Incidentally- 2 cards popped out 3 of Wands and II The Priestess-

1. Works:

Now- this coming up in the works department is perfect- the gamut of area she covers directly corresponds to my work- depth in study, research, explorer of the unknown, mix of science and esoteric, healer etc. But more importantly- If I took the 2 of Swords and II High Priestess- they tie in nicely. The correlate- If I wasnt forewarned with the 2 of Swords- today would have been a rather hanged man kind of day. But instead- The High Priestess was how I came across- the fountain of knowledge 🙂

2. Home


Ach!! Honestly, I would rather the Death or the Devil than this Minor card. Anyway- well- this is the pervading ambience of home matters. No- no separation or break up as there is nothing immediate to break up with 🙂 sigh of relief- but In practice, I have come to take this as isolated loneliness- despair- but check the card out-there is light shining through- 🙂 so- it is only a pervasive energy which it to shall pass-

3. The Unexpected

Maybe- maybe not- this is so much better than the Lovers- there is a relationship coming to the fore- we’ll see about that .

4. My role:

Ha! So now I see– play it cool, be a little aloof but not distant and cold. The Queen of Cups all about being emotionally mature and not giving the game away. Listen first, speak later type- ok..we’ll see

5. The Outcome

 So- I am no close to completing anything today as I have not planned anything as such. But, the 9 Of Wands to me- ‘you are so close to getting your goal- persevere a bit- don’t drop it now’. I am wondering what this is–

We’ll wait and see—



Tarot- The days of the week ahead draw..16/6-22/6/2008

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I have been spending some time with the decks lately. Since I do keep a tarot journal, I do go back to re read previous draws and reflect on the circumstantiality and the synchronicity of the draws.

As many of you who read the posts know- many bloggers have the good habit of reflecting on the card draws in order to gain valuable insight and thus also improving their relationship and intimacy with their decks. Time spent here is well worth its reward, you develop a trusting friendship with your deck. Thats kitsch!!

Here’s my days of the week ahead draw- Monday and Tuesday

2 of Swords for Monday- Intelectual debates with a no win situation- so, I’ll be expecting plenty of talks going round and round- but no conclusion- Stalemate. Lol!!! – I am going to need to draw in lateral thinking horns!

21 Universe- A major Arcana so early on in the week- All is right with the world again- as it should be. Maybe a little recognition for some hard word done perhaps?

Wednesday and Thursday-

Wednesday- Queen of Cups- hmm- I’ll read this as a lady- or a friend going to feature on wednesday

Thursday- The Star– yum–this is exciting- something to look forward to- a new lease of some kind- something dead rekindled – or an event or news will bring some optimism–

Friday and Saturday

Friday- Knight of Wands- another court card- a person- fire sign or fiery temperament- Male- so- we’ll see who this is as he seems to the forecast for Friday’s focus.

Saturday- 5 Hierophant- another Major Arcanum- On a saturday!! see– I read the hierophant as rituals, institutional routine. Also sometimes- hardcore revision 🙂 yep- thats a good projection of what I’ll be doing this coming Saturday


Sunday- the irony– Sunday will be judgement day as I’ll be reviewing the events of the week and comparing with the cards to see if they hit the mark or not!! I will be quite looking forward to doing the comparisons 🙂


Think like an Egyptian..The Cartouche to the rescue..

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So,, what kind  of question can one propose to the Cartouche? The answer here should be anything but actually in practice, the questions needs careful formulation. I caught up with my old friend who has been in hibernation for a bit. I pondered on a question that would generate a robust reply from Murry Hope’s designio perfecta, The Cartouche. Here it is.. What is the outlook for my life in general? Simple, straight up and a Cartouchian question. See the answer below-




On my table, this looks like a 5 pointed star. The card images are big enough to identify the Egyptian symbols. Instantly, notice a theme? The twin serpent of the Thoth, with Tarot D’ Eltynne Ennemis serpent and sword, and Madame Endora’s Dagger. Talk about continuation of build up!

Hop onto the interpretation express and lets decipher th egeneral course of my ship..:)

Murry Hope’s LWB has a spread for specific questions. The 5 pointed star is for specifics. By the way, the Cartouche employs reversals too.

1. The nature of the problem- transalates to what is up with my life?

10 Set- arghh.. this is the card of the Chaotic anti-Ray! and I am grateful it is upright. But still ,man!! Ok- upright it means delays, setbacks, worries based on everyday contingencies of life. Yep, the sister is right, things kind of being put on hold due to various commitments. All the fun stuff including taromantic indulgence, yoga, fancy stuff I love, is currently on the back burner.

2. Cause of the problem:

1 Osiris- represents wisdom, justice, resposibility and any dealings with elders or authority. How is this a problem for me? Well, I suppose the spanar in the works is essentially my commitment to completing what I’ve started as a career choice. It is a responsibility to see it through to fruition and this involves a lot dealings authorities along the way, and also partly fulfilling elders (parental) aspirations. Being free spirited- authority and responsibility is kind of a yawn.. but hey ho- I always finish what I start, well at least thats the goal!

3. Factors to be considered:

9 Anubis- One has to love the uber chic Hermanubis. This card suggests protection from harm, careful speech and the baility to steer a clear course through troubled waters. Basically, the diplomatic skills, navigation and humor embody the Jackal. I am learning to perfect this skills as they are handy in times of sticky situations where I do find myself in sometimes. So far, course of life looking good..:)

4. Advice or comment offered: Consider this to be what you can do to improve things

6 Hathor- think 6 L’Amour, Venus. Hathor represents a woman in her strongest aspect, she carries the strenth of a lion. Fortitude, feminity, organization, confidence also the fashion and beauty industry. I do have a soft spot for the makeup field since I used to free lance as a makeup artist doing photoshoots and catwalks. It was fun, I did enjoy it. Come to think of it, I would like to be in a position where the work that I do has components that empower women in general. Food for thought!

5.End Result or Outlook

5 Thoth- like the 5th position 5th card synchronicity. Lately, there has been a lot of synchronising factors occuring.  The Thothis the caduceus, keeper of knowmedge and Akashic records. Represents learning and knowledge of all levels. Whats interesting- the first draw I did, the Thoth was reversed, hence why I asked the cards, whats the general outlook and its comes up upright. Little knowledge can affect big changes. The Thoth’s changes involve fate/karma, Law, healing/ Health,Scholarhip and Education. I am already in the process of 2 things in the list, I will be after the Law next, wouldn’t mind a scholarship though, I wonder if the Karmic wheel will spin in my favor?

Here is the Cartouche for my viewing pleasure, and yours- may you run out- buy a deck and watch it change your life. Becareful with what you ask, it is a profound deck of 22 Egyptian relics which convey brainful of info. And, they seem to be pretty darn accurate..

Share your thought and experience of the deck..